Best Restaurants in Santiago de Chile

Pulperia Santa Elvira

$$$$ Sta. Elvira 475, , Santiago de Chile
Spanish Premium Casual
Come and live the fine dining experience with a qualified chef in a historic district of downtown Santiago! Natural food from local producers is based on an ecologically sustainable economy-creative food with the identical brand of the historic district of Matta Sur.

Carnal Prime Steakhouse

$$$$ Alonso De Córdova 3053, 7630355, Santiago de Chile
International Premium Casual
CARNAL - PRIME STEAKHOUSE is Lima's premier restaurant is specialized in top-quality certified and USDA Angus Aberdeen American meats. Our cooking is obtained using a high-temperature grill, which gives our cuts a particular texture and flavor that are not found in the more traditional grilling method. CARNAL also has a select Raw Bar offering exquisite produce, brought in from various corners of the world, such as Alaskan king crab, Maine lobster, and Caribbean lobster. The atmosphere and privileged location make CARNAL the ideal place to enjoy a family lunch, an intimate dinner, or a business meeting.


$$$$ Av. Nueva Providencia 2250, P 16, 7500000, Santiago de Chile
International Fine dining
Giratorio has spectacular views of Santiago and the dining room floor turns so that while you enjoy your meal, you miss nothing of the beautiful amazing view of the city. This place specializes in international cuisine, but it doesn't forget to incorporate some Chilean touches into its recipes, creating superb dishes such as the golden conger medallion on Provençal seafood, the artisanal ravioli stuffed with spinach, Merlot, and basil reduction. Ideal for lunch, thanks to its varied menu, or to enjoy a romantic dinner at sunset or night. It has private parking in the basement of the building.

Casaluz Restaurant

$$$$ Av. Italia 805, 8320000, Santiago de Chile
Italian Spanish Casual Dining
Casaluz was born to create a warm, welcome and beautiful space. A magical place, where the little details take on great prominence. A cuisine that tries as much as possible to use seasonal products, respecting the seasons, thus enjoying the products at the optimal point of ripeness and fullness of flavor.

040 Restaurante

$$$$ Antonia López De Bello 40, 7530201, Santiago de Chile
Spanish Fine dining
040 Restaurante in Santiago is a Latin American treasure in the Bellavista region that serves an amazing tasting menu with 12 courses. Top-end tapas bring a molecular taste of Spain to Santiago.

La Picantería Santiago

$$$$ Alonso De Córdova 4355, Local 301, 7630535, Santiago de Chile
International Casual Dining
Peruvian cuisine is of the highest quality with the freshest products from the Chilean sea. We protect natural resources and favor our artisanal fishermen who visit us daily. La Picantería is a cuisine that certifies the traceability of its fish and guarantees the freshness of its products. We show our fish so that the customer can choose his piece and then decide the preparation he wants: grilled fish and ceviche, among others.


$$$$ Nueva Costanera 3969, , Santiago de Chile
Japanese Casual Dining
DonDoh opens in 2021 in Santiago de Chile and conquers the city becoming the only Japanese grill where the central element is the fire of our grilled food. Live the experience in an informal atmosphere and in a whiskey bar where blues and rock and roll are the permanent soundtrack.

Le Due Torri

$$$$ San Antonio 258, 8320201, Santiago de Chile
Italian Casual Dining
Le due Torri restaurant: excellence in starters, Risotti, Pasta, Meat, Fish and Seafood. Our only purpose is that every day you can taste the same flavors, the same quality as if you were sitting in our house in Italy. Bologna said by the most famous culinary critics of Europe is the city with the highest gastronomic quality in Italy. Le due Torri restaurant is located in Santiago de Chile.


$$$$ José Victorino Lastarria 276, , Santiago de Chile
International Premium Casual
Bocanáriz is a “Meeting Place” for tourists and locals who love wine. We are located in the heart of one of the most beautiful heritage districts of the city. We are a Wine bar and at the same time an innovative Restaurant, where the gastronomy has been designed to enhance the pairing with an extensive selection of wines. Attended by its owners and a trained team of sommeliers, the atmosphere is warm and casual, where the magic of an old restored house and the technology necessary to deliver an excellent service. We are a multicultural team that unites our passion for wine. Our team of sommeliers is oriented to guide you in an “Experience around wine”, telling you the story behind each label and its perfect combination with the flavors of our cuisine.

Ramen Kintaro

$$$$ Monjitas 460, 8320308, Santiago de Chile
Japanese Fast Casual
We are the first place in Chile dedicated specifically to RAMEN. We offer the real JAPANESE RAMEN with a variety of flavors, including Miso, Shoyu, Tantanmen, among others. Ramen Kintaro is located in Santiago de Chile.

Pizzería Tiramisú

$$$$ Isidora Goyenechea 3141, 7550000, Santiago de Chile
Italian Pizzeria
Tiramisu combines a simple and essential concept of traditional and rustic Italian cuisine. Tiramisu Pizzeria is located in Santiago del Chile.

Autentiko French Takos

$$ Sta. Isabel 296, 7500000, Santiago de Chile
Mexican South American Casual Dining Fast Casual Cocktail Bar
IJOLE Taqueria, situated in the bustling heart of Santiago de Chile, is a vibrant eatery that brings the authentic flavours of Mexican street food to Chile's capital. Celebrated for its lively atmosphere, colorful decor, and commitment to traditional Mexican cuisine, IJOLE Taqueria has quickly become a favorite among locals and travelers alike, seeking to indulge in the rich culinary traditions of Mexico. The moment guests step into IJOLE Taqueria, they are enveloped in an energetic and welcoming environment. The restaurant's design pays homage to the lively streets of Mexico, featuring bright colours, folk art, and rustic furnishings that create a festive dining space. The open kitchen adds to the vibrant ambience, allowing diners to witness the skilful preparation of their meals and the dedication to authenticity that defines IJOLE Taqueria. The menu at IJOLE Taqueria is a celebration of Mexican street food, offering a diverse selection of tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and other beloved dishes. Each item is crafted with care using traditional recipes and the freshest ingredients, resulting in flavors that are both bold and nuanced. Highlights include succulent al pastor tacos, hearty carne asada, and flavorful vegetarian options, ensuring there is something for every palate.

Sapiens. Comida Saludable.

$$ Av. Italia 1206, 7500000, Santiago de Chile
International Casual Dining Fast Casual
Sapiens. Comida Saludable., located in the dynamic city of Santiago de Chile, is a revolutionary dining concept that caters to the health-conscious and environmentally-aware diner. This innovative restaurant has quickly become a sanctuary for those seeking nourishing, delicious, and sustainably sourced meals, all within the bustling urban landscape of Santiago—the ambience of Sapiens. Comida Saludable. is designed to reflect the restaurant's philosophy of harmony and sustainability. The space is bright, airy, and filled with natural elements, from wooden furnishings to indoor plants, creating a tranquil oasis that invites diners to relax and rejuvenate. The menu at Sapiens is a testament to the belief that healthy food can be both flavorful and fulfilling. Crafted with the finest organic and locally sourced ingredients, the menu features a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options that cater to diverse dietary preferences and restrictions. From nutrient-packed salads and hearty bowls to rejuvenating smoothies and cold-pressed juices, each dish is meticulously prepared to offer maximum health benefits without compromising taste.


$$$ Alonso De Córdova 4248, 7630504, Santiago de Chile
Japanese Peruvian Premium Casual
Tanaka, nestled in the vibrant heart of Santiago de Chile, emerges as a culinary jewel offering an exquisite fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine with contemporary flair. This refined restaurant has captivated diners' palates seeking an authentic and sophisticated Japanese dining experience. With its minimalist design, serene ambience, and meticulous attention to detail, Tanaka provides a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling city life, inviting guests to embark on a gastronomic journey that transcends borders. Upon entering Tanaka, guests are greeted by an elegantly understated décor that pays homage to Japanese aesthetic principles. The space is adorned with natural wood, subtle lighting, and elements of traditional Japanese art, creating a calming and inviting environment. The dining area is thoughtfully arranged to accommodate intimate gatherings, casual dining, and special occasions, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all guests. At the heart of Tanaka's culinary offerings is a commitment to the artistry and precision of Japanese cooking. The menu celebrates Japan's rich culinary heritage, featuring a wide array of dishes crafted from the freshest ingredients. Highlights include expertly prepared sushi and sashimi, flavorful ramen and udon bowls, and a selection of izakaya-style small plates that are perfect for sharing. Each dish is presented with an artistic touch, showcasing the beauty and simplicity that are hallmarks of Japanese cuisine.

Pescados Capitales Chile

$$$ Nueva Costanera 3723, 7630000, Santiago de Chile
Peruvian Chilean South American Fine dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Pescados Capitales Chile, located in the cosmopolitan city of Santiago, brings a refreshing splash of the ocean's bounty to the culinary landscape of Chile's capital. This esteemed seafood restaurant has quickly become a beacon for gourmands seeking an exceptional dining experience, blending the rich flavours of the Pacific with innovative culinary techniques. Inspired by its Peruvian origins, Pescados Capitales Chile offers a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere where guests can indulge in some of the finest seafood dishes available in South America. The ambience of Pescados Capitales Chile is designed to evoke the serene beauty of the sea, combining elegant maritime decor with a warm and welcoming environment. The interior is adorned with subtle nautical elements and a palette that mirrors the hues of the ocean, creating a setting that is both stylish and comfortable. At the heart of Pescados Capitales Chile's menu is a commitment to showcasing the freshest seafood sourced sustainably from the bountiful Pacific waters. The culinary team, skilled in traditional and contemporary techniques, crafts dishes that celebrate the diversity and richness of marine flavours. Highlights include ceviche prepared with zesty citrus and aromatic herbs, succulent grilled fish, and inventive seafood platters that taste the ocean's vast offerings. Each dish is beautifully presented, making every meal a feast for the palate and the eyes.


$$ José Domingo Cañas 1879, 7750000, Santiago de Chile
Peruvian South American Casual Dining Premium Casual
Enrique, nestled in the bustling heart of Santiago de Chile, is a culinary gem that brings Peruvian cuisine's vibrant flavours and rich traditions to the forefront of the city's dining scene. This exquisite restaurant has captivated the hearts and palates of diners seeking an authentic Peruvian dining experience, blending traditional recipes with contemporary culinary techniques. Warique's commitment to authenticity, quality, and innovation has made it a beloved destination for both locals and international visitors alike. The menu at Warique celebrates Peru's diverse culinary heritage, offering a wide array of dishes that showcase the country's abundance of flavours. From the coastal delicacies of ceviche and tiraditos, bursting with fresh, citrusy goodness, to the hearty Andean specialities like lomo saltado and ají de gallina, each dish is prepared with the utmost care and respect for tradition. The restaurant takes pride in using only the freshest ingredients, including various Peruvian chillies, herbs, and spices that lend authenticity and depth to every plate.


$$ Holanda 160, 8320000, Santiago de Chile
Indian International Casual Dining Ethnic
Rishtedar, nestled in the vibrant heart of Santiago de Chile, is a culinary haven introducing an exquisite fusion of flavours from the Indian subcontinent. This sophisticated restaurant offers a unique dining experience that combines the rich traditions of Indian cuisine with a modern flair, making it a distinguished destination for those seeking to explore the depths of one of the world's most diverse culinary cultures in Chile's bustling capital. Upon entering Rishtedar, guests are immediately enveloped in an ambience that marries the opulence of Indian design with contemporary elegance. The interior features intricate motifs, luxurious fabrics, and warm, inviting colours that reflect the splendour of India's royal heritage while maintaining a comfortable and modern dining environment. The menu at Rishtedar is a testament to the culinary richness of India, offering a wide range of dishes that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences. From the fragrant and flavorful biryanis and rich, creamy curries to the sizzling tandoori specialities and delicate vegetarian dishes, each recipe is meticulously prepared using traditional methods and the finest ingredients. The chefs at Rishtedar take pride in their ability to balance complex spices and herbs, ensuring that each dish is a harmonious blend of flavours that pays homage to India's diverse regions.

Karai By Mitsuharu

$$$$ W Santiago, Isidora Goyenechea 3000, , Santiago de Chile
Japanese Asian Peruvian Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Karai by Mitsuharu, located in the cosmopolitan city of Santiago de Chile, is a distinguished restaurant that brings the exquisite fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines, known as Nikkei, to the forefront of the culinary scene. Spearheaded by Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura, renowned for his expertise and innovation in Nikkei cuisine, Karai is a testament to the harmonious blend of these rich culinary traditions. The ambience of Karai by Mitsuharu reflects the elegance and precision inherent in Japanese design, combined with Peruvian culture's vibrant and warm spirit. The interior is meticulously crafted, featuring sleek, modern lines and subtle cultural motifs that create an atmosphere of refined sophistication and welcoming warmth. At the heart of Karai's menu is a celebration of Nikkei cuisine, which showcases the impeccable fusion of Japanese techniques with Peruvian flavours. Under Chef Mitsuharu's guidance, the culinary team crafts visually stunning dishes bursting with flavour. Highlights include innovative sushi and ceviche creations, succulent meat and seafood dishes prepared with Peruvian spices and Japanese precision, and exquisite desserts that blend elements from both cultures. Each dish is a work of art designed to tell a story and evoke a sense of discovery.

Oporto Steak Bar

$$$$ Isidora Goyenechea 3477, 7550106, Santiago de Chile
International Premium Casual
Oporto is a steak bar with a modern proposal with "eclectic" trends, where the pure mixes with the avant-garde and recycles the materials that were part of an old 1920s butcher. Its architecture, service, and gastronomic offer are designed to make life a unique experience based on innovative meat dishes, a terrace with Oyster Bar, and the already award-winning signature cocktail bar. Oporto Steak Bar is located in Santiago de Chile.


$$$$ José Victorino Lastarria 53, 8320165, Santiago de Chile
Japanese Peruvian Casual Dining
Two ancient cultures come together to create a cuisine rich in Peruvian and Japanese fusions and flavors. This is the Nikkei (日 系) concept that is reflected in the gastronomic proposal of Panko, where we try to expand and make known this type of food. The best ingredients combined with affordable prices and a unique atmosphere, ideal for those who love good food. Panko is located in Santiago de Chile.
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