Best Fine dining Restaurants in Chile


$$$$ Avenida Presidente Kennedy 4601, 7560994, Santiago de Chile
Italian Fine dining
Senso is a classic Italian restaurant featuring original Italian cuisine. Using only the best seasonal produce, our talented team create elaborate Italian-inspired dishes for your delectation including wonderful homemade pasta. Guests dining at Senso will enjoy a classic but casual setting with indoor and alfresco seating options.

The Singular Restaurant

$$$$ Merced 294, 8320128, Santiago de Chile
French Fine dining
Dining at the Singular Restaurant in Santiago: Taste Chile’s Most Exquisite Flavors At Our Restaurants. Our Executive Chef, Hernán Basso, together with a team of professionals, surprises with preparations that follow techniques from France but are implemented with local produce from our country for a unique and memorable sensorial experience.


$$$$ Av. Nueva Providencia 2250, P 16, 7500000, Santiago de Chile
International Fine dining
Giratorio has spectacular views of Santiago and the dining room floor turns so that while you enjoy your meal, you miss nothing of the beautiful amazing view of the city. This place specializes in international cuisine, but it doesn't forget to incorporate some Chilean touches into its recipes, creating superb dishes such as the golden conger medallion on Provençal seafood, the artisanal ravioli stuffed with spinach, Merlot, and basil reduction. Ideal for lunch, thanks to its varied menu, or to enjoy a romantic dinner at sunset or night. It has private parking in the basement of the building.

040 Restaurante

$$$$ Antonia López De Bello 40, 7530201, Santiago de Chile
Spanish Fine dining
040 Restaurante in Santiago is a Latin American treasure in the Bellavista region that serves an amazing tasting menu with 12 courses. Top-end tapas bring a molecular taste of Spain to Santiago.

Portofino Restaurant

$$$$ Bellamar 301, 2390003, Valparaíso
Italian Fine dining
Portofino Restaurant: Inspired by the progress of the city of Valparaíso, the Portofino Restaurant joins the port city as a gastronomic heritage, providing a space of international level. Portofino Restaurant offers the best place for parties, business meetings, or just for tasting a good dish. Here you will find the perfect fusion. We are gastronomy, we are port, we are Ristorante Portofino.

Pescados Capitales Chile

$$$ Nueva Costanera 3723, 7630000, Santiago de Chile
Peruvian Chilean South American Fine dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Pescados Capitales Chile, located in the cosmopolitan city of Santiago, brings a refreshing splash of the ocean's bounty to the culinary landscape of Chile's capital. This esteemed seafood restaurant has quickly become a beacon for gourmands seeking an exceptional dining experience, blending the rich flavours of the Pacific with innovative culinary techniques. Inspired by its Peruvian origins, Pescados Capitales Chile offers a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere where guests can indulge in some of the finest seafood dishes available in South America. The ambience of Pescados Capitales Chile is designed to evoke the serene beauty of the sea, combining elegant maritime decor with a warm and welcoming environment. The interior is adorned with subtle nautical elements and a palette that mirrors the hues of the ocean, creating a setting that is both stylish and comfortable. At the heart of Pescados Capitales Chile's menu is a commitment to showcasing the freshest seafood sourced sustainably from the bountiful Pacific waters. The culinary team, skilled in traditional and contemporary techniques, crafts dishes that celebrate the diversity and richness of marine flavours. Highlights include ceviche prepared with zesty citrus and aromatic herbs, succulent grilled fish, and inventive seafood platters that taste the ocean's vast offerings. Each dish is beautifully presented, making every meal a feast for the palate and the eyes.
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