Best Casual Dining Restaurants in Chile


$$$$ José Victorino Lastarria 53, 8320165, Santiago de Chile
Japanese Peruvian Casual Dining
Two ancient cultures come together to create a cuisine rich in Peruvian and Japanese fusions and flavors. This is the Nikkei (日 系) concept that is reflected in the gastronomic proposal of Panko, where we try to expand and make known this type of food. The best ingredients combined with affordable prices and a unique atmosphere, ideal for those who love good food. Panko is located in Santiago de Chile.

Peumayen Ancestral Food

$$$$ Barrio Bellavista Constitucion 136 Providencia, 7350222, Santiago de Chile
International Casual Dining
Chilean ancestral cuisine restaurant, with a menu inspired by the gastronomic heritage of our original peoples. Peumayén Bellavista, was born in 2013 with the idea of ​​creating a restaurant inspired by our original peoples and in this way making known the richness of pre-Hispanic gastronomy. It has an à la carte service, as well as 4 “Origins” tasting menu proposals, 22 morsels in the sea, land, vegetarian or mixed versions. It offers an extensive list of Chilean wines and piscos. Located in the heart of Constitución street, known for hosting various restaurants in the best place in Bellavista. Within walking distance of the main tourist attractions in the area, Cerro San Cristóbal, Casa Museo "La Chascona" Pablo Neruda, Patio Bellavista and a large number of bars and theaters.


$$$$ Av. Pdte. Kennedy Lateral 5600, 8320000, Santiago de Chile
Indian Casual Dining
Restaurant specializing in Indian dishes. Food prepared in Tandoor and Curry. Pleasant atmosphere and Indian music. Menu with various dishes, drinks, and wines. Majestic Restaurant is located in Santiago de Chile.

Piegari Chile

$$$$ Nueva Costanera 4092, 7630191, Santiago de Chile
Italian Casual Dining
Piegari Ristorante is the new franchise of Piegari Ristorante Buenos Aires, an Italian-Argentine icon with over 20 years of experience in the city of Buenos Aires. The Piegari restaurant is characterized by its traditional Italian cuisine, with recipes handed down from generation to generation. The pasta is made on sight and in a completely artisanal way. More innovative pasta alternatives have also been included in harmony with the new times for the most avant-garde palates. Our menu also provides risotto, meats, fish, and seafood.

Sarita Colonia

$$$$ Loreto 40, 8420499, Santiago de Chile
Peruvian Casual Dining
Sarita Colonia - Peruvian Cuisine, a place where kitsch dementia and maximalism are expressed to tell various stories intertwined with religion, death, life, friendship and gastronomy. Sarita Colonia is located in Santiago de Chile.

El Meson Nerudiano

$$$$ Dominica 35, 8320000, Santiago de Chile
International Casual Dining
This is how El Mesón Nerudiano, located in a house pitched in 1910, located at number 35 of Via Domínica, recreates an atmosphere inspired by the magic and specific style of the houses of Pablo Neruda. Here is a whole variety of flavors that Neruda himself treasured in his trips and in his journey through Chile and in his travels around the world especially in those countries that were milestones in his life.

Casaluz Restaurant

$$$$ Av. Italia 805, 8320000, Santiago de Chile
Italian Spanish Casual Dining
Casaluz was born to create a warm, welcome and beautiful space. A magical place, where the little details take on great prominence. A cuisine that tries as much as possible to use seasonal products, respecting the seasons, thus enjoying the products at the optimal point of ripeness and fullness of flavor.

La Picantería Santiago

$$$$ Alonso De Córdova 4355, Local 301, 7630535, Santiago de Chile
International Casual Dining
Peruvian cuisine is of the highest quality with the freshest products from the Chilean sea. We protect natural resources and favor our artisanal fishermen who visit us daily. La Picantería is a cuisine that certifies the traceability of its fish and guarantees the freshness of its products. We show our fish so that the customer can choose his piece and then decide the preparation he wants: grilled fish and ceviche, among others.


$$$$ Nueva Costanera 3969, , Santiago de Chile
Japanese Casual Dining
DonDoh opens in 2021 in Santiago de Chile and conquers the city becoming the only Japanese grill where the central element is the fire of our grilled food. Live the experience in an informal atmosphere and in a whiskey bar where blues and rock and roll are the permanent soundtrack.

Le Due Torri

$$$$ San Antonio 258, 8320201, Santiago de Chile
Italian Casual Dining
Le due Torri restaurant: excellence in starters, Risotti, Pasta, Meat, Fish and Seafood. Our only purpose is that every day you can taste the same flavors, the same quality as if you were sitting in our house in Italy. Bologna said by the most famous culinary critics of Europe is the city with the highest gastronomic quality in Italy. Le due Torri restaurant is located in Santiago de Chile.

Macerado Algarrobo

$$$$ Las Tinajas 2678, 2710000, Algarrobo
International Casual Dining
High concentration, passion and respect for the local product define the spirit of Macerado Algarrobo, giving way to baked recipes, long cooking and grilling, accompanied by cocktails on the beach and a wine list that moves from north to south. An atmosphere where architecture and landscape are expressed through stone and wood, giving way to fluid lines full of orchards and crops that fill the kitchen with freshness, textures and aromas.

Ristorante Il Toscano

$$$$ Av. Carlos Alessandri 310, 2710000, Algarrobo
Italian Casual Dining
We want to offer pasta and pizzas of the true Tuscan tradition, handmade as our grandmothers did. All the products presented at the Toscana restaurant are rigorously handmade: pasta, condiments, sauces, and desserts. Most of the ingredients of the pizzas are pre-cooked, such as mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, and vegetables. Our kitchen offers for you the most ancient gastronomic values ​​of this land with the love that only an authentic Tuscan can have.

Cavafe Restaurant

$$$$ Av. Carlos Alessandri 264, 2710000, Algarrobo
International Casual Dining
Cavafe Restaurant: restaurant with signature cuisine. Here you can find the taste of Chilean cuisine.

La Yegua Loca Restaurant

$$$$ Monseñor Jose Fagnano 310, 6200660, Punta Arenas
International Casual Dining
He has an exquisite combination of traditional recipes that were prepared by the old immigrant nuns or grandmothers, and the use of the best regional products in dishes created by our Chef. Some of the must-haves of our menu are Ostiones in two textures, Catuto de quinoa with spider crab, Octopus Sphere, Baqueano T-bone steak, Lamb cutlets sea and earth, Mushroom Risotto, and Ñoquis a la Croata. We have delicious desserts such as Chocolate Sphere with rhubarb cream and vegan-vegetarian options.

Restaurant Maralegre

$$$$ Calle Higuera 133 Cerro Alegre, 2370540, Valparaíso
International Casual Dining
Maralegre offers contemporary cuisine that rescues the ingredients of the area, with an emphasis on seafood. The warmth of the interior room and its outdoor terrace is the perfect atmosphere to enjoy its gastronomy. The restaurant is located in Valparaíso.

Jazz Restaurant

$$$$ Alonso García De Ramón 215, , Concepción
International Casual Dining
Since 1995 Jazz Restaurant guarantees its customers all the experiences handed down for generations, an excellent service together with the exquisite preparations of a traditional and signature cuisine.

La Pasta De La Nonna

$$$$ Caupolicán 255, , Concepción
Italian Casual Dining
We were lucky enough to meet in those years a family with very strong Italian traditions, where the grandmother could not be missing. She introduced us to the world of pasta, who taught us the traditional dishes and the recipes of the past of the real Italy, the gnocchi and cappelletti in chicken broth were her favorites, and here is where "La Pasta de la Nonna”, 20 years ago as a company, following the instinct of this family passion instilled in our hearts, which is handed down from generation to generation.

Solocarnes Y Aquarium

$$$$ Av. N° 78 Lomas De San Andrés, 4030000, Concepción
International Casual Dining
Experience, taste, and style have characterized Solo Carnes and Aquarium during its 30 years of history, with an exceptional reputation in southern Chile.

Hacienda Patagonia

$$$$ Av. Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 2605, , Concepción
International Casual Dining
Hacienda Patagonia is a restaurant and events center of the eighth region, ideal for parties, family lunches, business events, and business meetings, has various spaces and rooms, all finely furnished and set up. At Hacienda Patagonia you will find all the flavors of our Patagonia served directly to your table, with a service that stands out for the quality of the people of southern Chile. Ideal for parties, family lunches, business events, and business meetings, it has various spaces and lounges, all finely decorated and decorated. A special place, exceptional attention, and a team of professionals are at your disposal to live an unforgettable experience.

Pa' Mar Adentro

$$$$ Pacheco Altamirano 2525, 5504465, Puerto Montt
International Casual Dining
The Pa 'Mar Adentro Restaurant invites you to join the incomparable flavors of our southern culinary culture. The widest assortment of Seafood, Fresh Fish, Pasta and Grilled Meats, our unrivaled Cava and Beverages, will make your business lunch or family dinner the most pleasant and enjoyable trip. Set sail through a sea of ​​aromas and preparations at the entrance to the traditional sector of Angelmó, in Puerto Montt and let yourself be loved by the unparalleled service.
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