Best Peruvian Restaurants in Chile


$$$$ José Victorino Lastarria 53, 8320165, Santiago de Chile
Japanese Peruvian Casual Dining
Two ancient cultures come together to create a cuisine rich in Peruvian and Japanese fusions and flavors. This is the Nikkei (日 系) concept that is reflected in the gastronomic proposal of Panko, where we try to expand and make known this type of food. The best ingredients combined with affordable prices and a unique atmosphere, ideal for those who love good food. Panko is located in Santiago de Chile.


$$$$ Avenida Presidente Kennedy 4700, 8320000, Santiago de Chile
Japanese Peruvian Premium Casual
Shinsei, which means Rebirth, arrives in Santiago at the hands of Renaissance Santiago Hotel with a proposal inspired by Peruvian-Oriental cuisine. Shinsei Restaurant is located in Santiago de Chile.

Selvado Restaurante

$$$$ Antonia López De Bello 0118, 7520288, Santiago de Chile
Peruvian Ethnic
Cuisine of the Coast, Sierra, and Selva: Fish, meat, shellfish, and poultry. We are inspired by Peruvian jungle cuisine, which fuels our ability to blend and stylize standard jungle preparations, as the only way to keep original Amazonian recipes alive. The Selvado Restaurant is located in Santiago de Chile.

Sarita Colonia

$$$$ Loreto 40, 8420499, Santiago de Chile
Peruvian Casual Dining
Sarita Colonia - Peruvian Cuisine, a place where kitsch dementia and maximalism are expressed to tell various stories intertwined with religion, death, life, friendship and gastronomy. Sarita Colonia is located in Santiago de Chile.

Cuzco Sabores

$$$$ 6 Pte. 338, 2580665, Viña del Mar
Peruvian Premium Casual
Exquisite Peruvian cuisine, typical pastries and an international bar at 6 Poniente #338, Viña del Mar.

Quispe & Nisei

$$$$ Av. San Andrés 84, 4030000, Concepción
Peruvian Premium Casual
Quispe & Nisei fuses the rich culinary traditions of these nations into a melting pot of flavors.

Tradiciones Peruanas Restaurant

$$$$ Rengifo 863, 5480000, Puerto Montt
Peruvian Fast Casual
Peruvian Traditions Restaurant: the best of Peruvian gastronomy in Puerto Montt!
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