Best International Restaurants in Chile

Ocean Pacific's

$$$$ Avenida Ricardo Cumming 221, 8340471, Santiago de Chile
International Family Style
A fish and seafood restaurant wouldn't be the same without the chef's suggestions. These dishes deserve to be tasted by palates eager to rely on good seafood. Each dish has a distinctive, unique, and special stamp that leads the chef to be the darling of the entire crew. Passengers won't be able to comment on oceanic food unless they get carried away by the tide of good flavor at Santiago's best restaurant.

Peumayen Ancestral Food

$$$$ Barrio Bellavista Constitucion 136 Providencia, 7350222, Santiago de Chile
International Casual Dining
Chilean ancestral cuisine restaurant, with a menu inspired by the gastronomic heritage of our original peoples. Peumayén Bellavista, was born in 2013 with the idea of ​​creating a restaurant inspired by our original peoples and in this way making known the richness of pre-Hispanic gastronomy. It has an à la carte service, as well as 4 “Origins” tasting menu proposals, 22 morsels in the sea, land, vegetarian or mixed versions. It offers an extensive list of Chilean wines and piscos. Located in the heart of Constitución street, known for hosting various restaurants in the best place in Bellavista. Within walking distance of the main tourist attractions in the area, Cerro San Cristóbal, Casa Museo "La Chascona" Pablo Neruda, Patio Bellavista and a large number of bars and theaters.

Chipe Libre - República Independiente Del Pisco

$$$$ José Victorino Lastarria 282, 8320156, Santiago de Chile
International Bistrot
Chipe Libre is a Restaurant & Pisco Bar inspired by all the pisco designation of origin regions in the world, namely the north of Chile and the south of Peru. The "Pisco", tired of so many conflicts that claimed its "true origin", rebelled and moved its borders, creating its own Independent Republic. A place of toast and consent. A nation of all. A pisco territory in which to share without competing!


$$$$ Av San Josemaría Escrivá De Balaguer 6400, Local 6, 7640859, Santiago de Chile
International Premium Casual
World Cuisine Restaurant: A journey through the cuisines of the world!

Oporto Steak Bar

$$$$ Isidora Goyenechea 3477, 7550106, Santiago de Chile
International Premium Casual
Oporto is a steak bar with a modern proposal with "eclectic" trends, where the pure mixes with the avant-garde and recycles the materials that were part of an old 1920s butcher. Its architecture, service, and gastronomic offer are designed to make life a unique experience based on innovative meat dishes, a terrace with Oyster Bar, and the already award-winning signature cocktail bar. Oporto Steak Bar is located in Santiago de Chile.

Ambrosia Bistro

$$$$ Nueva De Lyon 99, 7510125, Santiago de Chile
International Premium Casual
Ambrosia is a family restaurant, the cuisine of chef Carolina Bazán aims to celebrate seasonal products, quality, and creativity. Ambrosia Bistrot is located not far from the Sculpture Park Museum.


$$$$ Sta. Magdalena 116, 7510057, Santiago de Chile
Japanese International Premium Casual
Piso Uno is a restaurant and bar with two terraces and a bar with classic and signature cocktails, where you can find Japanese dishes. It is located in Santiago de Chile.

El Meson Nerudiano

$$$$ Dominica 35, 8320000, Santiago de Chile
International Casual Dining
This is how El Mesón Nerudiano, located in a house pitched in 1910, located at number 35 of Via Domínica, recreates an atmosphere inspired by the magic and specific style of the houses of Pablo Neruda. Here is a whole variety of flavors that Neruda himself treasured in his trips and in his journey through Chile and in his travels around the world especially in those countries that were milestones in his life.

Carnal Prime Steakhouse

$$$$ Alonso De Córdova 3053, 7630355, Santiago de Chile
International Premium Casual
CARNAL - PRIME STEAKHOUSE is Lima's premier restaurant is specialized in top-quality certified and USDA Angus Aberdeen American meats. Our cooking is obtained using a high-temperature grill, which gives our cuts a particular texture and flavor that are not found in the more traditional grilling method. CARNAL also has a select Raw Bar offering exquisite produce, brought in from various corners of the world, such as Alaskan king crab, Maine lobster, and Caribbean lobster. The atmosphere and privileged location make CARNAL the ideal place to enjoy a family lunch, an intimate dinner, or a business meeting.


$$$$ Av. Nueva Providencia 2250, P 16, 7500000, Santiago de Chile
International Fine dining
Giratorio has spectacular views of Santiago and the dining room floor turns so that while you enjoy your meal, you miss nothing of the beautiful amazing view of the city. This place specializes in international cuisine, but it doesn't forget to incorporate some Chilean touches into its recipes, creating superb dishes such as the golden conger medallion on Provençal seafood, the artisanal ravioli stuffed with spinach, Merlot, and basil reduction. Ideal for lunch, thanks to its varied menu, or to enjoy a romantic dinner at sunset or night. It has private parking in the basement of the building.

La Picantería Santiago

$$$$ Alonso De Córdova 4355, Local 301, 7630535, Santiago de Chile
International Casual Dining
Peruvian cuisine is of the highest quality with the freshest products from the Chilean sea. We protect natural resources and favor our artisanal fishermen who visit us daily. La Picantería is a cuisine that certifies the traceability of its fish and guarantees the freshness of its products. We show our fish so that the customer can choose his piece and then decide the preparation he wants: grilled fish and ceviche, among others.


$$$$ José Victorino Lastarria 276, , Santiago de Chile
International Premium Casual
Bocanáriz is a “Meeting Place” for tourists and locals who love wine. We are located in the heart of one of the most beautiful heritage districts of the city. We are a Wine bar and at the same time an innovative Restaurant, where the gastronomy has been designed to enhance the pairing with an extensive selection of wines. Attended by its owners and a trained team of sommeliers, the atmosphere is warm and casual, where the magic of an old restored house and the technology necessary to deliver an excellent service. We are a multicultural team that unites our passion for wine. Our team of sommeliers is oriented to guide you in an “Experience around wine”, telling you the story behind each label and its perfect combination with the flavors of our cuisine.

Macerado Algarrobo

$$$$ Las Tinajas 2678, 2710000, Algarrobo
International Casual Dining
High concentration, passion and respect for the local product define the spirit of Macerado Algarrobo, giving way to baked recipes, long cooking and grilling, accompanied by cocktails on the beach and a wine list that moves from north to south. An atmosphere where architecture and landscape are expressed through stone and wood, giving way to fluid lines full of orchards and crops that fill the kitchen with freshness, textures and aromas.

Cavafe Restaurant

$$$$ Av. Carlos Alessandri 264, 2710000, Algarrobo
International Casual Dining
Cavafe Restaurant: restaurant with signature cuisine. Here you can find the taste of Chilean cuisine.

Casa Domingo Algarrobo

$$$$ Julio Hurtado 1100, 2710000, Algarrobo
International Premium Casual
At Casa Dominga Algarrobo you can find a rich menu with meat, fish, cutting boards, pizzas, etc. accompanied by delicious drinks, a privileged view across the coast, and live music that creates a unique relaxed atmosphere facing the sea. Casa Dominga offers a welcoming open environment with a panoramic sea view that allows you to enjoy the sunset with family and friends from our terraces, either to sip a delicious drink or cocktail or to enjoy a delicious coffee with something sweet. A magical place also for wine lovers. You will have the most varied choice of meat, fish, cutting boards, pizzas, etc. Come and taste them now!

Restaurant & Hotel Medio Mundo

$$$$ Av. Carlos Alessandri 1579, 2710000, Algarrobo
International Premium Casual
We offer a space to put your worries aside and invite you to disconnect and enjoy the present, along with new flavors and a secret seafront view. International cuisine restaurant, specializing in fish and homemade pasta. Boutique hotel on the second floor.

11 Pasos

$$$$ Av. Los Claveles 3361, 2710000, Algarrobo
International Pizzeria
"11 Pasos • con amor y arte" is a small place located on the main street of Algarrobo, a few steps from the beach, which offers on-site service, although you can also sit and enjoy the company of the family with the host who hosts you. The coffee of the house, the rich pastries, the best and refreshing fruit juices, our tasty preparations made at the moment, enjoying the best of the rock of the 80s, 90s, 00s, and why not reggae; is the proposal we have for you. The place you were looking for and where you will want to return.

Taberna Club De La Union

$$$$ Pdte. Pedro Montt 701-799, , Punta Arenas
International Bistrot
The most traditional of the bohemian Magellans, almost 60 years of history, now merged with all that is avant-garde, creating a unique generational environment. Taberna Club De La Union is located in Punta Arenas.

Roca Mar

$$$$ Pdte. Julio A.Roca 960, , Punta Arenas
International Fast Food
A stunning mix of classic recipes prepared by the old lady or new immigrant and the use of the best regional products and creative dishes of our Chef. Among the must-haves of our menu, there are Oysters in the right consistency, Quinoa catuto with spider crab, Octopus Sfera, Fiorentina Baqueano, and Lamb cutlets from the sea and land, Risotto with mushrooms and Croatian gnocchi. We have a delicious desserts like Chocolate balls with rhubarb cream and vegan-vegetarian options.

La Yegua Loca Restaurant

$$$$ Monseñor Jose Fagnano 310, 6200660, Punta Arenas
International Casual Dining
He has an exquisite combination of traditional recipes that were prepared by the old immigrant nuns or grandmothers, and the use of the best regional products in dishes created by our Chef. Some of the must-haves of our menu are Ostiones in two textures, Catuto de quinoa with spider crab, Octopus Sphere, Baqueano T-bone steak, Lamb cutlets sea and earth, Mushroom Risotto, and Ñoquis a la Croata. We have delicious desserts such as Chocolate Sphere with rhubarb cream and vegan-vegetarian options.
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